Plesk VPS Hosting

Power-packed Performance

Plesk VPS Hosting provides you with an economical and powerful solution for your dedicated hosting needs. It is based on KVM Infrastructure, resulting in a power-packed virtual machine with a virtualisation layer. Plesk VPS Hosting offers 3 difference Plesk licence options and multiple Linux Distro options.

Cloud hosting for growing African businesses

Our Cloud Hosting is powered by a web application accelerator called NGINX+ cache, which enables you to speed up your website. Combined with cutting-edge hardware and low density servers your website gets the performance boost it deserves!

African based

Located in Zimbabwe, our servers offer blazing fast speeds for your website visitors in Africa.

Industry standard

Plesk offers you a quick graphical users guide to fully simplify web hosting activities.


Easily manage the technical aspects of your website through the interface without being tech savy.


We offer high quality service for the most affordable subscriptions with a qualified dedicated support team.

VPS Plesk Hosting Plans

Pro 40

Perfect to Start Reselling

SAVE 25.70%
From $29,95
$22,25 /month

Pro 50

Best Value for Money

SAVE 14.66%
From $32,45 $27,69 /month

Pro 100

Resources to fuel your growth

SAVE 25.00%
From $38,39 $28,79 /month

Pro 200

Become a Web Hosting Pro

SAVE 33.09%
From $65,45 $43,79 /month


Perfect to Start Reselling

SAVE 19.75%
From $12,15
$9,75 /month

Pro 40

Perfect to Start Reselling

SAVE 12.31%
From $38,49
$33,75 /month

Pro 50

Best Value for Money

SAVE 11.76%
From $45.89
$40,49 /month

Pro 100

Resources to fuel your growth

SAVE 11.79%
From $58,15
$51,29 /month

Pro 200

Become a Web Hosting Pro

SAVE 12.29%
From $76,95 $67,49 /month
Available Add Ons: Dedicated IP @ $2.50 | SAN Storage Starts@ 0-50 GB / $2.50

Why choose VPS Plesk Hosting

SSD storage

Faster and more reliable SSD storage increases your Plesk VPS Servers

WordPress Management

A simplified UI for managing multiple WordPress instances

Resell as Shared Hosting

Web, Mail, DNS, Database ready Plesk server

Docker Support

Increase productivity and rapid deployment with Docker integration.

Git integration

Increase productivity and rapid deployment with Git integration.

Cloud Backup

Scheduled backups, Granular restoration and much more.

Solid Security

Use pre-configured security settings for various authentication methods

Nginx & Support

Improve the Apache web server performance by using Nginx

Plesk VPS Server Technical Specifications




Semi-Managed Support

Establish your brand online

Give you business wings today

With the Elite Reseller Program, you can become a domains and hosting reseller. Through this white labeled program, you can become a reseller for all the products from email to dedicated vps servers and on top you get a free consultancy and free website designed and WHMCS Setup

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Your Questions, Our Answers

Plesk is a Windows and Linux compatible web hosting control panel that allows you to easily manage the different aspects of your hosting account such as – files, applications, customer accounts as well as email accounts on the server. It provides users with a simple and convenient GUI (Graphical User Interface) that enables one to start their hosting business quickly and maintain it without many efforts. Our Plesk VPS hosting offers Plesk installation on Linux distros only.
You don’t need to install Plesk as it comes pre-installed with the choice of your Linux distro. All you need to do is select the operating system that you need and the Plesk version that you require before deploying it.

You can use Plesk to

  • Create your website
  • Create a database
  • Create a mail account
  • Add a custom DNS record Take a backup of your website


In addition to this, you can also manage your user account and web hosting, upload content, manage web applicationsand add domain aliases.

Plesk comes with a lot of pre-installed and available features for security. A version of Plesk has enhanced security as well as pre-installed advisor extension. For added security, we would suggest the following

  • Set up the password with minimum strength
  • Use Google Authenticator extension available inside Plesk
  • Secure Plesk web hosting control panel via SSL/TLS certificates
  • Use secure FTP connects over FTP connections
  • Use the security check feature in the WordPress toolkit for WordPress installations
  • Don’t use out-dated applications
  • Use Fail2Ban for safety against hack attempts
  • Non-standard port for SSH

Plesk offers different licenses in the form of –

  • Create your website
  • Plesk 10, for web admins that manage sites of businesses and/or entrepreneurs. Provides you with 10 domains
  • Plesk 30, for web professionals who manage, design and deploy their websites. Provides you with 30 domains
  • Plesk Unlimited, for traditional web hosters who allow customers to use their shared account. Provides you with unlimited domains

Sorry, but an automatic upgrade or a downgrade is not present for VPS Hosting plans at the moment. You can contact your Account Manager or our Product Experts to get an upgrade or downgrade.