Windows Reseller Hosting

Kickstart Your Windows Hosting Business

Our reseller hosting lets you sell your own web hosting services to your customers using the latest technology and some of the fastest server equipment available.

Reseller hosting for growing African businesses

With Linux Reseller Hosting, become your own Web Host or manage all your Web Design clients’ websites on 1 panel with our easy-to-use WHM / cPanel interface. You can easily manage resource allocation between clients & completely brand the panels to suit your company’s identity!

African based

Located in Zimbabwe, our servers offer blazing fast speeds for your website visitors in Africa.

Industry standard

Plesk offers you a quick graphical users guide to fully simplify web hosting activities.


Easily manage the technical aspects of your website through the interface without being tech savy.


We offer high quality service for the most affordable subscriptions with a qualified dedicated support team.

Windows Reseller Hosting Plans

Pro 10

Best plan to get started

SAVE 10.99%
From $27,69
$24,29 /month

Pro 25

Maximum Value for your Business

SAVE 20.91%
From $33,75
$26,69 /month

Pro 50

Ideal plan to support your growth

SAVE 7.73%
From $43,19
$39,85 /month

Pro 100

For thriving & large Web Hosts

SAVE 9.98%
From $67,49
$60,75 /month

Pro 20

Best plan to get started

SAVE 11.89%
From $45,89
$40,49 /month

Pro 50

Maximum Value for your Business

SAVE 11.64%
From $58,05
$51,29 /month

Pro 100

Ideal plan to support your growth

SAVE 12.29%
From $76,95
$67,49 /month

Pro 200

For thriving & large Web Hosts

SAVE 12.75%
From $95,19
$83,05 /month

Pro 10

Best plan to get started

SAVE 11,99%
From $28,35
$24,95 /month

Pro 25

Maximum Value for your Business

SAVE 11.78%
From $34,45
$30,39 /month

Pro 50

Ideal plan to support your growth

SAVE 10.87%
From $45,89
$40,49 /month

Pro 100

For thriving & large Web Hosts

SAVE 12.18%
From $72,25
$63,45 /month

Available Add Ons: Dedicated IP @ $5,45

Why choose Windows Reseller Hosting

Free Plesk Panel

Hosting Management Simplified

100% Refunds

Money-back-guarantee, if you are not satisfied

Develop in ASP/.NET

For all your Windows based projects

Designed for Speed

Solid Infrastructure to power your hosting

Email Solution included

Basic Email with your Windows Reseller Hosting

Includes Parallels Panel

Comes with 300+ apps - WordPress, Joomla etc

Upgrade on-demand

For all your Windows based projects scale when needed

World Class Infra

Built for maximum performance in speed and security

Windows Reseller Hosting Technical Specifications



Additional Softwares


Make Money by Reselling

Join Reseller Partner

With the Elite Reseller Program, you can become a domains and hosting reseller. Through this white labeled program, you can become a reseller for all the products from email to dedicated vps servers and on top you get a free consultancy and free website designed and WHMCS Setup

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Your Questions, Our Answers

Reseller Hosting is a variant of Web Hosting which provides you with substantially high Disk Space and Bandwidth which you can use to resell to multiple clients or build a few large projects / websites on for your clients. Reseller Hosting typically includes Hosting Management and Billing Management software that lets you create smaller plans or packages that you can sell further to your customers for a profit and hence the name Reseller Hosting.
WHMCS is a powerful automation and support tool. It is a market leader in client management, support and billing solution for online businesses.
Our Windows Reseller Hosting plans are packed with features, abundant databases, add-on domains and come with with a 99.99% uptime guarantee. Your usage is subject to fair use and our hosting specialists can assist you with any specific questions about usage limits, do Contact Us.
The various languages and scripts that the package supports are ASP.NET 4.7, ASP, IIS 7.5, PHP 5.6x, Ajax Toolkit, MS SQL 2012 R2, Crystal Reports and ionCube Loader.
Our Windows Reseller Hosting packages offer the Microsoft Windows 2012 Operating System.
The process to install the Free SSL on your hosting package is quite straightforward. We have provided a detailed step by step guide on how this can be done in our Knowledge Base article here.