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Through our vast knowledge of helping small businesses move online, we know a thing or two about web hosting. Our African web hosting services provide rock-solid security and are fast and efficient. Your information is saved in a data center that is always safe and available by choosing Wehost Africa. Choose from your company’s hosting packages. Our team will help you to find the best plan for your needs, regardless of whether you are searching for more leads or looking to start your eCommerce company. Choose from cPanel hosting to VPS hosting and we will provide limitless support through our specialist team.

#Switch to Wehost

Take the first step to superior hosting. Migrate your website to Wehost Africa with 3 months Free hosting.


100% Off

#Switch to Wehost

Take the first step to superior hosting. Migrate your website to Wehost Africa with 3 months Free hosting.


100% Off

#Switch to Wehost

Take the first step to superior hosting. Migrate your website to Wehost Africa with 3 months Free hosting.


100% Off

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Combined with solid state drives, Wehost Africa’s gigabit network delivers the most efficient transfer and processing power.


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It is affordable to host our service. Start today without great price tag, with the best and secured web hosting service.

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Few people understand the fundamental concepts of setting up a small company — making a proper business name, renting a store, moving in and decorating.

It isn’t much different from web hosting. The registrant sets up a domain name, leases and uploads a block of server space. Anyone with an internet connection can start to browse the site very quickly. A domain name contains the server’s URL, while the server is a rented space to store the data on the web page. This process is known as delegation— the domain name applies to the individual hosting service account.

The main task of the server is to ‘ serve ‘ the requested data to the web browser. And the website is run by a web host in the same manner as the house is managed by a landlord.

The server features are determined by the web host. All servers are not equal, however, and many options are available. Some web hosting services offer technical assistance and some will force you to do it by yourself. Others can easily provide simple redirects, while specialized packages provide scripting, web management or email services.

A reliable web hosting provider such as Wehost Africa offers a number of quality services and operates to detect and fix faults even in a pro-active way. Wehost Africa provides qualified client and technical support personnel accessible day or night as a trustworthy hosting company. They will collaborate with you to ensure an effective and smooth operation.

It’s a simple process to switch the website to Wehost Africa You can upload them through our the control panel or through an FTP client if you have access to your current website archives. You should be able to request a copy of your current website from your current hosting provider if you do not have a current copy.

You must upload your website files via FTP if you have built your website in an HTML editor such as Dreamweaver and Microsoft Expression Studio. You can use the file manager in the control panel to upload the website.( It is highly recommended that you compress the files before you upload using the file manager.)

We recommend the software FileZilla that works on Windows ®, Mac ®, and Linux ® or other third-party FTP clients if your file is more than 20 MB in size.

Yes that’s it. If your website has the potential to grow but does not yet have a significant amount of traffic and data, it would be better to start with one of our smaller hosting plans and improve it only as more resources are available. Our plans help you to expand as much as you need and improve your sites further.

  • Virtual Private Server web hosting (VPS) is designed to enable one physical server to share a number of virtual machines with its resources such as memory, storage and processing power and make its resource use efficient without the high costs of maintaining such a hardware system.

VPS hosting is the solution for clients who want to host several domains uncontrolled by OS types on a single server, such as Linux or Windows. Customers have full access to its virtual server to install custom software and to change the server setup— which is not possible in a shared standard hosting environment. A dedicated IP address is assigned to each VPS on the same hardware, similar to the dedicated server.

Of example, it enables web hosting resellers to lease a big VPS server, to install their own functionality and then to break it between their clients. VPS is very common. It enhances user database specifications and scripting priorities while growing concerns around usability and consistency. Increase preference and versatility for products from Wehost Africa VPS.

Both Linux and Windows servers are available. Whether you want to build a shopping cart, host your podcast or add a blog, depends on what you want to do with your website. You can always contact the Wehost Africa support team if you don’t know if you need Windows or Linux Hosting. We are here to support 24 hours a day.